The Semen Production Station of ANABORAPI (National Piemontese Bovine Breeders Association) was set up in 1995 and occupies an area of 6000 sqm. It is situated in Carrù next to the Genetic Station and the offices of the Association from which it is however separated, physically and administratively.

The A.I Station of Anaborapi produces only (frozen) semen of Piemontese bulls which qualified for artificial insemination at the Genetic Station (or ‘Performance Test Centre’) of ANABORAPI.

The Station is completely surrounded by a fencing and only the personnel are authorized to enter. It is constructed in such a way that the delivery of all the materials is done externally; at the entrances of the internal roads there are basins for vehicle tyre disinfection. The plant consists of the following units (all separated one from the other):

a - the main barn with a capacity of 69 head of cattle. There are 30 places according to conventional housing and 39 boxes with a paddock outside.

b - the isolation barn for the quarantine of the animals coming in. This barn is made of single separated boxes and has its own feedstuff storeroom. It is completely protected by a wire netting to stop birds flying in.

c - manure passage and liquid manure pit.

d - animal feedstuff and litter storeroom shed

e - machinery and equipment room

f - a shed that separates the barn from the collection room

g - the collection room for semen collection, with a storeroom for equipment, toilet, shower and changing room for the personnel. The floor is of cement in order to allow a thorough cleaning after every collection session. The walls are painted up to breast height with washable paint.

An incubator with a double opening and stainless steel sides makes it possible to pass the artificial vaginas directly from the collection room into the wash- and disinfection room.

h - wash- and disinfection room of the instruments. There are two wash-basins, a warm water washing machine for glassware, a hot-air steriliser, a scalder for the artificial vaginas.

i - laboratory for the treatment of the semen. It disposes of the most modern equipment for the evaluation, the packaging and the freezing of semen, according to the requirements of international legislation.

l - storeroom for the frozen semen.

m - office

n - reception and material forwarding room.

o - storeroom for accessories and expendable items.