Semen production

Conditions for admittance of the bulls in the A.I. Station

The A.I. Station (or: Semen Production Station) is officially free of Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, Leukosis and IBR-IPV. The bulls come exclusively from the Genetic Station (or:Performance Test Centre) of ANABORAPI which has the same health qualifications as the A.I.Station. The Performance Test Centre accepts only bull calves coming from farms which are in their turn officially free from all these diseases.

The bull calves enter the Centre at an average age of 50 days after which they are kept in quarantine and submitted to all the health tests required by law.
At a positive result after the quarantine period the animals start the actual Performance Test which lasts up to the age of 11 months. During this period the animals are submitted to another series of health tests. At the end of this phase, having reacted negatively to all the various health tests, the best bulls are selected for A.I.
These are the bulls that enter the A.I. Station (or Semen Production Station).

Conditions and health tests at the A.I. Station of ANABORAPI

The bulls qualifying for A.I. at the Performance Test Centre, before entering the A.I. Station, are segregated in a quarantine barn and tested, according to the law (law N°30, enclosure 7, 15 Jan. 1991), for the following diseases:



Enzootic bovine leukosis





In order to satisfy the health requirements of the different countries which represent possible importers of semen all the animals are submitted to a further series of tests:


Johne’s disease


Fever Q

Furthermore the preventive treatment against leptospirosis is carried out (two injections of streptomycin in a dose of 25 mg/kg of live weight, at an interval of 14 days).
Only when the results of all these tests are negative can the bull be accepted by the A.I. Station. All the above mentioned tests are repeated at the Station every 6 months.
The tests are carried out by official veterinaries of the local health unit N° 16 Mondovì-Ceva and the samples are subsequently sent for analysis to the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Turin. This Institute carries out the sanitary checks according to the methods approved by the Ministry of Health.

Semen processing technique

The definition of the usability of the semen, its rate of dilution and the estimate of the progressive motility percentage after thawing of the semen are carried out with the help of special software. The management of the quality of the semen after thawing and that of the storeroom data are carried out using the same software.
The menstrual dilution fluid used is either laiciphos, having a contents of antibiotics according to the directives internationale. However the equipment and the technology at disposal allow the use of other dilutors according to the requirements of the final users.
The semen is packed in medium size straws on which the indications required by law are stamped. The equipment available also allows the packaging (if required) of mini straws.



Here under you will find a list of addresses where you can order semen produced at the A.I. Station of ANABORAPI:

Anaborapi - Strada Trinita', 32/A - 12061 CARRU' (CN)
Tel. 0173-750791 - Fax 0173-750915

C.I.Z. S.r.l. - Via Maremmana, 17 a/c 56020 - Fraz. La Serra - S. MINIATO (PI)
Tel. 0571-460355 - Fax 0571-460259

Semenitaly S.r.l. - Via Cadiane, 181 - SALICETA S. GIULIANO (MO)
Tel. 059-514611 - Fax 059-514697


Semenzoo Italy A.I. Stud Consortium - Via Masaccio, 11 - 42100 REGGIO EMILIA Tel. 0522-271139 - Fax 0522-271044