Sexual Functionality

After the genetic evaluation the bull calves qualifying for A.I. must pass the last test in order to obtain the final qualification of 'A.I. bull': the sexual functionality.

This phase, lasting about 2-3 months, consists in the training of the bull calves in the "artificial service" and in checking the quality of their semen.

Training for Artificial Service

As in an A.I. Station female animals are not admitted, the withdrawal of the semen is done using another bull as a dummy. The training consists in accustoming the bull to service on the dummy with the help of an artificial vagina handled by an operator.

Quality of the semen

After the bull has shown to have a good libido, the quantity and the quality of the semen is tested. In particular the following parameters are considered: appearance, volume, concentration of the ejaculate and the motility of the spermatozoa.

When these parameters are such to guarantee a good semen production, the bull calf qualifies definitively for Artificial Insemination.

Before being admitted into the A.I. Station the bulls are submitted to a last complete Health Inspection. Then, at about 14 - 15 months, they can start their career as A.I. bull.