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"Razza Piemontese" Magazine


"Razza Piemontese" is the magazine for all the Anaborapi members and the professionals working with the Piemontese breed. It informs about the activities of the Association, promotion, the selection results, the projects, market, national and international subjects concerning Piemontese.

The magazine includes the data of the Bulls (Buta Bin?).

Inbreeding Tables

It’s a practical tool to check the parentage level between cows and sires.

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Web Services, breeders login

Anaborapi gives to all the members the possibility to look up the data in the Herd Book.

The service is wide: charts of each animal, details of their productions and genetic value, level of parentage and inbreeding.

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Shed chart

Paper reports periodically sent to each farm registered in the Herd Book with its data and its statistics elaboration. The aim is to help the breeder in checking his own farm management and in pointing out the problems.

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