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Herdbook Department

This department is responsible for registration, validation and restitution to breeders. The Herd-book contains information concerning the monthly monitoring of yield carried out on each farm. These data refer to pedigree, calving, inseminations, as well as to all the other production and breeding data regarding all animals registered in the Herd-book. Furthermore, it records the results of consanguinity testing, the certification of registered animals and the supply of services to the Provincial Breeders Association (APA) - in particular the remote consultation of the central databank. A key task of the Herd-book Department is the official verification that an animal belongs to the Piemontese breed.

Test Station

This department is responsible for the selection of new A.I. bulls through performance tests carried out on young bull calves. It takes great care in choosing the best bull calves for testing and is responsible for their rearing during the one year spent at the ANABORAPI facility in Carrù. Furthermore, it undertakes data collection and the evaluation of the tested animals. The Genetic Station works in co-operation with the Technical Department in the development of the programmed mating plans on Herd-book farms.

Shows and Visual Appraise

This department oversees the morphological evaluation of Herd-book registered animals by 'Breed Experts'. These Experts are co-ordinated and trained by the department. Each year it organises the National Show of the Piemontese Breed in Cuneo and also co-operates with the organisers of other Shows and zoo-technical events in Italy and abroad, where Piemontese animals are present.

Technical Department

This department is responsible for the design and organisation of the selection programme, the genetic evaluation of breeding animals and the statistic analysis of collected data. It supplies information for the technical support of breeders and carries out research - independently, or in co-operation with Italian Universities or Universities from abroad. This research focuses on the genetic improvement of the breed and best practice management of Piemontese livestock breeding.

A.I. Station


This section takes care of the semen production of Piemontese A.I. bulls for both progeny testing and commercial use. It is responsible for keeping connections with other A.I. Stations that distribute semen of Piemontese bulls on both national and international markets and works together with the Provincial Breeders Organisation in carrying out of progeny testing. Periodically, it organises meetings to present A.I. bulls to breeders.

Public Relations

This department is responsible for the promotion and dissemination of information. It publishes the magazine "La Razza Bovina Piemontese" (The Piemontese Cattle Breed) in Italian and English versions; it keeps connections with all the important magazines in the agricultural sector and produces press releases, leaflets, brochures, reports, photographic and audio-visual material concerning the Piemontese breed.