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Type of evaluation

Ordinary evaluation and extraordinary evaluation

Schema Bovino Piemontese

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Visual appraise chart for bulls at the Performance Test (Form 7)

The chart used for the visual appraise of the bulls a the Test Station is similar to that used for the rest of the population. The method is the linear score with variable numeric values between two biological extremes.

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Form for cows and bulls (Form 6)

The basic is the “linear description” of the different body areas of an animal through numbers that have a range between two extremes representing the biological extremes of the trait. This method allows the statistic elaboration of the Genetic Indices.

The aim is to use the morphological evaluation and check the conformity to the Breed Standards in order to accept or not the animal in the Herd Book and to know the genetic value of its morphological traits (size, leg-set, muscularity and fineness).

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