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ANABORAPI is the National Association of Piemontese Cattle Breeders and has its head office at Carrù, in the region Piemonte, Italy. The Association was founded in 1960 with the aim to develop the breed and its genetic improvement. The Association establishes the selection criteria, keeps a Herd-book and runs a Genetic Station where performance tests and progeny tests are carried out. It also runs an Artificial Insemination Station where semen from A.I. bulls is produced.

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Cartina Piemonte

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Association Bodies

Board of Directors

For administration and running the Association.

Chairman: Albino Pistone

Technical Committee

It decides on the technical activities and selection, pointing out the aims.

Union Committee

With three members: it checks the fairness of administration and accountancy.

Chairman: dr. Massimo Benvenuti


Address: Strada Trinità 32/A - 12061 - Carrù (CN)

Tel. : +39 0173 750791 - Fax : +39 0173 750915

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Targets of Anaborapi

Anaborapi has the aim to promote the improving and the increasing of the Piemontese cattle.

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Statuto dell'Associazione Nazionale Allevatori Bovini di Razza Piemontese


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