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The choice of the best bull calves

The candidates

The first step for singling out the 'candidate' bull calves is the estimate of their pedigree value, determined by the genetic indices of the parents. The chosen bull calves derive therefore from the best mating carried out either by the breeders or as a result of the mating programmes between the best A.I. bulls and the best breeding cows, called the "Cows of Merit" which are defined by ANABORAPI in collaboration with the breeders.

Another possibility for a bull calf to be admitted into the Genetic Station is through signalling. When a breeder thinks that one of his bull calves could be a potential subject for selection aims it is included into the list of candidates. This means that calves which are offspring of Natural Service bulls also have the possibility to be tested in the Station, thus allowing a wide genetic variability to be maintained.

Tested in the Station

The second step is made by visiting the farms and checking the characteristics of the candidate bull calves, this is carried out by a farm expert of ANABORAPI. When the morphology (bone structure, muscularity and absence of defects) and the health conditions are optimal the bull calves are definitively chosen.


The third and last step consists in the withdrawal of the bull calves from the farm at an age of about 45 days, obviously after the public authorities have released the necessary health certificates and the breeder has accepted the economic and administrative conditions of 'entrustment' of his animal to ANABORAPI, stipulating an agreement. The bull calves which are admitted into the Station remain property of the breeder.